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Chubb House, Badentoy Crescent, Portlethen, AB12 4YD, United Kingdom
Portlethen, Scotland AB12 4YD United Kingdom

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"Chubb Fire & Security's Marine & Offshore department has a proven track record as one of the leading fire protection companies, and you can rely on them to protect all of your Marine & Offshore assets, from tugboats to tankers. Chubb Fire & Security's Marine & Offshore department has a proven track record as one of the leading fire protection companies. All facets of fire safety and risk management are well within our scope of expertise, and we have extensive knowledge and practical experience in these areas. Our primary concerns include reducing the amount of damage done, maintaining corporate operations, and protecting both people and the natural environment. Chubb Fire & Security is able to provide you with all of the products and services that are necessary to ensure your safety. These products and services include fire detection systems, fire extinguishing systems that use gas, foam, or water; handheld, portable, and wheeled extinguishing equipment; safety equipment; service and maintenance; and safety equipment. Our products that have been developed specifically for use in marine environments include the following: • Gas-based extinguishing systems • CO2 (high and low pressure) • Novec • FM 200 • FE 25 • Argonite • Nitrogen • Foam-based extinguishing systems • Wet Chemical extinguishing systems • Water-based extinguishing systems • Sprinkler systems • Watermist systems (high and low pressure) • Powder-based extinguishing systems • Twin-A Our more than one hundred years of experience in the maritime industry, which includes safeguarding vessels, oil rigs, ports, terminals, cargoes, passengers, and personnel, allows us to secure you. We have obtained all necessary certifications from the most significant certification authorities in the maritime and offshore industries. Constant and reliable service One of the challenges of operating a maritime transportation company is reducing the amount of time a ship spends idling in port. It also involves safeguarding your possessions to the highest possible degree. We are able to assist you in achieving both of these objectives by maintaining your fire protection units and, as a result, ensuring the safety of both you and your crew within the time frames that are accessible to you. Our offices provide after-sales support and assistance around the clock, no matter where in the world they are located. Because of Chubb Fire & Security's global presence, our back-up teams are always ready to ensure that every vessel that is outfitted with our technology continues to function properly while also maintaining its inherent level of safety. It also goes a long way toward ensuring the continuity of the operation of your shipping business in a seamless and efficient manner. Our service technicians are available at any time, day or night, any day of the year. They have received extensive training and make sure they follow all of the regulations on marine safety. Our customer connections are built on a foundation

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