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Pramones str. 8 A, Pramones str. 8 A, Klaipeda, LT, LT-94102, Lithuania
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Over the course of more than 25 years, PIKASOMA MARINE SUPPLIES has been a leading provider of marine technical supplies to the world's most successful shipping and fishing businesses, in addition to the offshore industry across the globe. We provide comprehensive solutions for mooring, towing, and anchoring, as well as everything else that is required for your fleet, ship repairing yards, and shipbuilding companies, including the following: - AMBER mooring ropes with Snap Back Arrestor - Mooring tails - Steel wire ropes, slings - VIPER steel wire rope lubrication system - VIPER steel wire rope maintenance, cleaning, and lubrication services - Anchors, chains, and accessories The products have the potential to receive certification from the DNV GL classification society. Steel wire ropes' cleaning and lubrication services using the VIPER automatic wire rope lubricating system: • Clean and lubricate 200 meters per ten minutes • Be safe – no direct contact with the lubricant • Save manpower costs by up to 90 percent - only one person to operate • Prolong your rope life with automated thorough lubrication • Stay clean and green – no leakage and wastage Wire ropes cleaning and lubricating services for your cranes, crane vessels In the Baltic region, PIKASOMA MARINE SUPPLIES acts as an authorised distributor of an automatic Viper Wire Rope lubrication system as well as a service provider for this system. Orders can be placed at any time of day or night at any of our distribution centers and warehouses, which are conveniently located in Rotterdam, Singapore, Busan, Houston, Montreal, Klaipeda, and Riga respectively. Your inquiry will be handled expeditiously by our knowledgeable sales managers, who will also provide you with pertinent technical support. A group of logisticians who are committed to their work will rapidly plan shipping to the appropriate destination. We are constantly expanding our warehouse network and adjusting our inventory in order to cater to the particular requirements of your fleet. AMBER is a recognized brand of ship ropes that are known for their high quality and dependability. The AMBER ropes line is a product that we have designed and developed in order to provide technologically relevant and secure solutions for your fleet. We care for folks at sea. Because of this, we have worked with SBA to develop and test improvements to our new AMBER mooring ropes. These ropes come equipped with a Snap Back Arrestor (SBA) technology that is built right in. The elongation of the core found inside is greater than that of the rope. The effect of the rope snapping back is mitigated by the core when the rope breaks. Because they are long-lasting, safe, and simple to manipulate, AMBER mooring ropes make it possible for vessels to be maneuvered with pinpoint precision. The range of synthetic multipurpose ropes is available in a variety of diameters with excellent performance indicators, including: AMBER MIX AMBER MIX S (Snap back safe) AMBER

Sales Email: v.vaseris@garant.eu
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